Saltend Toxic Alarm Test


BP SALTEND has given advance notice of its intention to test its toxic alarm system on TUESDAY 27th JULY 2010 as part of a site-wide exercise of their ‘gas release’ procedures.

The alarm which sounds like an old air raid siren is normally tested every Wednesday at 2pm. But the exercise on Tuesday is a major test of what the Saltend workforce would do in the case of a real gas release and will involve the alarm sounding for a longer period.

The letter circulated from the company says:

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a precise time for the test because we do not want our workforce to be too prepared. However, if you feel this could cause you a problem, please give us a contact number and we will call you shortly before the alarm is sounded.”

For further information contact Dr Malcolm Joslin on 01482 892513 or Andy Carter-Fea on 01482 894770. E-mail: malcolm.joslin@uk.bp.com

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