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Hedon United AFC memorabilia

DO YOU KNOW of anyone interested in local football memorabilia? asks a recent comment left on the Blog:

S J Wyllys is trying to find someone who would be interested in an old letter, dated 1932, about Hedon United AFC.

It came into my possession when I bought a job lot of postal ‘covers’ (envelopes) at an auction, most of which were empty.
This envelope (handwritten in the lovely script of the time, and with two King George V stamps, postmarked Hedon, 4 Sept 1932) contains the letter… I just wondered if anybody keeps the archives of Hedon United AFC, and would like to add this to the records.  The letter is written on Hedon United AFC headed paper with details of Chairman, Hon. Sec. and Hon. Treas.  I am happy to send it to whoever wants it.”

The short letter was written by Frederick G. Parker of Church Lane, Hedon and sent to a Mr Knight in Essex and comments on the fact that the team had just won Bridlington Trinity 2 – 1 despite being short of three players (Cripps, Cheeseman and Heron).

If you have an interest in obtaining the letter then leave a comment or drop off an e-mail to the Hedon Blog at hedonblog@gmx.com expressing your interest and we’ll put you in touch with S J Wyllys.

… And if anybody in Hedon or the Blogosphere can shed a little bit more light on Hedon’s footballing history then please let the Hedon Blog know.

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  1. Hi,

    I,m interested in the Hedon United Letter, the club folded earlier last season, i was involved for 25 years, player, secretary and chairman, it was really a sad day when the club folded, lack of funds and help to blame. The local council had no interest in helping, although i believe they wished they owned it.

    Regards, Dave

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