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Hedon History: The Kilnsea Cross

THE KILNSEA CROSS stands in the garden of Holyrood House a residential care home in Baxtergate, Hedon.

This ancient medieval cross is believed to have been originally erected in 1399 in one of the now-lost towns of Ravenspurn or Ravenser at the Spurn peninsula.

Its purpose could have been to commemorate the landing of Henry Bolingbroke on the Holderness coast, and the start of his millitary campaign which led to him being crowned King Henry IV in October 1399.

The Cross was moved due to the threat of coastal erosion and re-located to Kilnsea in the 16th Century. It was threatened once again by advancing waters in the 19th Century, so it it was eventually dismantled and stored at Burton Constable.

Hedon’s influential Town Clerk James Iveson (1809 – 1850) arranged for the Cross to be moved to Hedon to form a centrepiece for a planned new aristocratic housing development.  The new housing never materialised.

Holyrood House was eventually built on the site. The Kilnsea Cross became hidden behind the garden walls where it remains to this day.

Have you got a recent photo of Hedon’s ‘secret’ Kilnsea Cross that you can share with the Hedon Blog?

Photo: © Copyright Paul Glazzard and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.
Lost villages of Holderness
Hedon Town Council

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    • Yes please, Tony! Would be interested in arranging a Hedon Viewfinders photo trip (socially distanced) to see the cross at some point too, perhaps with some theme-dressed models?


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