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FREE HU12 Classified Ads Service

THIS SERVICE HAS been superseded by the HU12 Shop.

LOST AND FOUND, ITEMS FOR SALE, JOBS and other classified notices can all now be posted over on HU12.net.

Imagine that this is the online version of an Ad in a shop window, supermarket or in a newspaper and you’ll appreciate how useful this service could be! The HU12 Classifieds page will be seen by hundreds of people every week and can even be e-mailed to other people and posted on Facebook and Twitter.

This trial service is simple to operate and notices will stay live for 7 or 14 days. Ads of less than 150 words will work best.

Click over to HU12 Classifieds and take a look at the examples and then complete the online form.

Give it a go today!

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