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Graham Stuart Re-elected

Congratulations to Graham Stuart on his re-election as Member of Parliament for the Beverley and Holderness Constituency.

The results of the poll are as follows:

  • Graham StuartConservative – 25,063
  • Craig DobsonLiberal Democrats – 12,076
  • Ian SaundersLabour Party – 11,224
  • Neil WhitelamBritish National Party – 2,080
  • Andy HorsfieldUnited Kingdom Independence Party – 1,845
  • Bill RigbyGreen Party – 686
  • Ron HughesIndependent – 225

Majority 12,987 (24.4%)

Turnout 53,199 (66.8%)

Graham on his Twitter page expressed his pleasant surprise at the size of his majority, but has warned that:

Pitching the country into a ferocious battle over voting systems would be irresponsible madness when we are in such a big economic hole.”

His warning came as a ‘hung’ Parliament seemed the most likely possibility with the Liberal Democrats playing a pivotal role in negotiations on forming a Government. Electoral reform is one of the key polices that distinguish the Lib Dems from the other two main political parties.

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