Hedon Haven Beer Festival – Official Ale Testing!

HEDON’S “OFFICIAL BEER TESTER” will be in attendence at the Haven Arms on Friday 30th April 2010 at the launch of the Bank Holiday Weekend Beer Festival at 5:00pm.

Yes! I know a few of us might think that we are the town’s most effective beer testers and tasters! But Hedon really does have an official figure with powers to check that Brewers within this town “do make good wholesome Ale and Beer for Man’s Body.”

Under rights secured by the Crown in the 14th Century then Hedon can appoint a Mayor who in turn can appoint an Ale Tester. The Ale Testing ceremony was revived in 1997. Individual Mayor’s can opt to appoint an ale tester.

The “ale testing” ceremony would normally consist of the Mayor and official entourage – all dressed in medieval garbs – visiting each public house in Hedon and testing the ales in that establishment. The official ale tester will fill their drinking horn with the brew and test it with a gravity float – and possibly have a quick swig! – before declaring “The Ale is Good!” And then much merriment and feasting can follow.

The photo features the “ale testing” from 2004 with the Mayor for that year Councillor Irene Robinson.

The Haven Arms Beer Festival takes place from Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May 2010 with 25 different handpulled beers and ciders. Live music is promised at the Havenside venue with a Bouncy Castle and other entertainment for children.


Haven Arms Website

Hedon Navigation Trust – See History pages about the Ale Tester

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