See more Beverley and Holderness candidates on Humber TV

Humber TV

ELECTION 2010: TWO MORE ELECTION CANDIDATES meet the delightful Valerie Prentice on Humber TV tomorrow Wednesday 14th April 2010.

The ‘interviews’ follow a lively friendly style which are more conversational than interview.

Bill Rigby of the Greens can be watched LIVE at 2pm whilst Labour’s Ian Saunders broadcast is at 3.15pm. The advantage of watching the live programmes is that you can sign in to the online chat room and watch and post comments.

Of course both interviews will eventually be available on demand from the internet TV station following the live streaming.

The other candidates for the Beverley and Holderness Constituency are Craig Dobson for the Lib Dems, Andy Horsfield for UKIP and Graham Stuart for the Conservatives.

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