Council Tax to rise by 1.5%

THE EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE COUNCIL has set a budget for the next financial year (from 1st April 2110 to 31st March 2011) of £269 million, which requires a council tax at Band D of £1,212.20, an increase of £17.91 or 1.5 per cent.

The council tax increase is the lowest ever set by the East Riding Council and will mean that the increase for an average household will be less than £16 per year.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council council tax figures for 2010/11 are set out below (2009/10 in brackets)  to which needs to be added the precept requirements of the Humberside Police and Fire authorities, town/parish council precepts and any special expenses.  The Police and Fire precepts are due to be set in the next few days.  These will be reported to a meeting of the Council on 24 February when the final council tax resolution will be approved.

Band A        £808.13                            (£796.19)
Band B        £942.82                            (£928.89)
Band C        £1,077.51                          (£1,061.59)
Band D        £1,212.20                          (£1,194.29)
Band E        £1,481.58                          (£1,459.69)
Band F        £1,750.96                          (£1,725.09)
Band G        £2,020.33                          (£1,990.48)
Band H        £2,424.40                          (£2,388.58)

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Source: East Riding Council

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