Neighbourhood Reporting – Community Walkabouts

THE HEDON BLOG has played a small role in helping residents raise issues that concern them with the authorities that might be able to help. The Blog has highlighted services such as Fix My Street which can help people report neighbourhood problems such as street lights that need repairing.

Another way that residents can help identify local problems in order to get them sorted is via a hot-spots patrol or COMMUNITY WALKABOUT.


Hot Spots Patrol in Coventry

A community walkabout is where residents and local service providers – for example the local neighbourhood police team and council – get together in daylight and walk around the local neighbourhood. Problems like graffiti, fly-tipping, broken street lights or potholes can be identified and a commitment made by service providers to resolve the problems, or at least explain clearly to local residents what can be done.

Community walkabouts can forge better links between citizens who are active in their communities and service providers. Most importantly they can provide reassurance to the wider community that annoying neighbourhood problems are tackled.

Community walk abouts are cheap to organise – all you need is commitment from the community and the time of local service providers.  In Hedon any walkabouts might take place on set times throughout the year and perhaps concentrate on the Westlands, Inmans and other areas of the town?

What do you think about the idea of community walkabouts in Hedon?

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  1. Love the idea of a community walkabout – but not sure that developing a snagging list for service providers is the best outcome.

    What if we looked for culture, beauty, history and progress, rather than graffiti and dog s##t?

    What if we learned to to see and celebrate the good stuff?

    What if we asked what we can do to make our lives better rather than point at for service providers to sort out?

    We have been playing with the idea of a Derive here in Leeds for regen policy makers to try to get them to understand more about the history and sold of communities before they disperse them to the winds and build ‘me too’ mixed use development.

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