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Burstwick flood defence gets go-ahead

RESIDENTS IN BURSTWICK area are being told this week that the planning application for the construction of Skeckling Drain flood embankment has succeeded.

The application, granted on 14 January, was the third and final one for the Burstwick scheme and will involve constructing a flood embankment alongside Skeckling Drain behind Burstwick Primary School that will reduce the potential for floodwater flowing overland from Burstwick Drain and entering Burstwick.

The Environment Agency has agreed to conduct a study into playing pitch provision in the Burstwick area and report findings to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. If the council finds it is necessary, we will provide any replacement sports pitch within two years of building the flood embankment.

Project manager Jamie Wolstencroft said:

“We are confident all work on Burstwick flood defences will be complete before autumn 2010 and that the chance of Burstwick flooding from the Drain will be reduced to 0.5 percent in any one year.”

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  1. Hi, don’t know if you can help me, but I’m trying to find the Richardson family who lived for many years at South Park Farm near Burstwick. I went to school with the daughter, Pippa and would love to find her again. I’ve looked everywhere from genes reunited, face book to twitter and I can’t find her. I think she might breed bullocks now, not sure.
    I know this is hopeless, but I’m a Yorkshire lass living away in the steps of cold Northamptonshire, and know Yorkshire folk will help me if they can.
    Kind regards
    Jacqui Parry (nee Barley)


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