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View local planning applications on East Riding Council Website.

DESPITE being a regular online browser of information on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website I am still discovering new facilities.

One of the most obvious ways to get the most out of the council website is to click myeastriding and put your post code into the search box. You then have nine options to find out local information. Whilst “my events” delivered sparse results for Hedon, the search for “my planning” was altogether more productive.

I found two interesting planning applications; one for the erection of a cafe/bar at Johnson’s on Thorn Road Corner and another for the building of a 420 place school building at Inmans Primary School following the demolition of the existing building.

You can even give your own comments about planning applications online.

Give it a go! Click East Riding Council – Planning Applications

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  1. is planning permission required for someone to construct a concrete base to use to stand storage containers 3ft from my south facing garden fence, it will prevent sunlight to my garden and also devalue my property , a confirmation of these comments would be appreciated. Noel H Hebbs

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