Report the Smellies! Eradicate Bad Smells from Waste Water Treatment Works at Saltend!

Bad smells!Unpleasant smells can be a re-ocurring problem of living in Hedon due to the fact that we live close to a massive industrial complex at Saltend. However, recent improvement works to the Yorkshire Water’s Waste Water Treatment facility should result in a reduction in bad pongs from that establishment.  But  residents help is requested in reporting any continuing problem.

The East Riding Council is carrying out a 3-week intensive “odour monitoring exercise” into smells coming from the Waste Water facility at Saltend. If residents detect an odour then they should note their location and the date and exact time. They should then report this at their earliest convenience.

Odours from the site should be reported to the Environmental Control team on telephone number 01482 396301. Smells that are detected out of normal office hours (between 5:30pm and 8am) can be reported by message on voicemail using telephone number 01482 396176.

Visits to the area in which an odour is reported may also be made and the council have pledged to carry out additional spot check assessments.

The exercise is due to run until the end of Sunday 28th June 2009.

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