East Yorkshire UK

European Election Results 2009: Yorkshire and the Humber

The European Elections 2009 took place under the shadow of the Westminster MPs’ Expenses scandal.

The Yorkshire and the Humber Region saw the election of the first member of the BNP (British National Party) to the European Parliament. This unfortunate – even scary! – development serves to remind us that the traditional parties are failing to inspire and motivate people to participate in the political process.

The full results of the regional poll is as follows:

MEP Seats

SEATS: 6 TURNOUT: 1,226,180 from possible ELECTORATE: 3,792,415
Party Votes % Seats +/-

Edward McMillan-Scott
Timothy Kirkhope

299,802 24.5 2 0

Linda McAvan

230,009 18.8 1 -1
UK Independence Party

Godfrey Bloom

213,750 17.4 1 0
Liberal Democrats

Diana Wallis

161,552 13.2 1 0
British National Party

Andrew Brons

120,139 9.8 1 +1
Green Party 104,456 8.5
English Democrat 31,287 2.6
Socialist Labour Party 19,380 1.6
Christian Party-Christian Peoples Alliance 16,742 1.4
No2EU 15,614 1.3
Jury Team 7,181 0.6
Libertas 6,268 0.5

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