Hedon Town Council Budget

The current Hedon Newsletter (Issue 9) outlines the budget recently adopted by Hedon Town Council.

The article is reproduced here:

Having regard for the economic climate and other issues, Hedon Town Council have endeavoured to keep the increase in the precept (the amount paid by Hedon council tax payers) to a minimum for the financial year 2009/2010. The actual percentage increase on the precept was tiny, only 0.051%. In effect based on the band “D” rate (the rate used to calculate household contributions in Hedon) this equates to an actual decrease in individual contributions.

The estimates allow for funds to be made available for contingencies and projects, for example aboricultural work, and maintenance of the cemetery and Church clock. (£50,471.00 reserves are not included in figures shown below):

The Budget:-


Finance                             135,179

Allotments                        100

Town Hall Lettings            500

Cemetery                           8,000

Town Centre                       6,500

General Works                   500

Land                                  200


Finance                              19,400

Ceremonial                          6,050

Administration                  52,950

Town Hall                            45,750

Church Clock                       500

Cemetery/Churchyard      5,150

Town Centre                        6,500

General Works                    65,100

Planning                              50

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