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Fort Paull – Gun battery turned attraction

Fort Paull is a family orientated millitary museum situated in Battery Road near the village of Paull. The site is on our list of ‘must see’ attractions that are near to Hedon.

A Fort was first built at Paull in 1542. The present structure was erected in 1864 as one in a string of north east coast defensive gun batteries built to repel any invasion attempt by Napoleonic French forces.

The fort served as a millitary training base between the wars and was not formally ‘de-commissioned’ as a millitary base until 1960.

Re-enactment of battles

Re-enactment of battles

Today Fort Paull occupies a 10 acre site and boasts enough attractions to keep a family occupied all day with underground tunnels, millitary exhibits, waxworks and re-enactments of battles and wartime events. The next arms, weapons and battle displays are scheduled for the May bank holiday on 3rd and 4th May 2009.

Another star feature exhibited at the site since 2005 is a giant Transport Aircraft (the only surviving Blackburn Beverley). Visitors can explore inside the 99 ft 5 in (30.3 m) long aircraft.

As mentioned earlier Fort Paull is a target visitor destination for the Duff’s – so The Hedon Blog would love to hear from any reader who has already visited the site and would like to leave a comment below on what to expect.

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