Testing the Hedon Ale – Ye Olde JigZone

This weekend’s JigZone puzzle depicts Hedon’s curious ceremony and annual re-enactment of ‘the testing of the local ale’.

Dressed in medieval garbs the Mayor and official entourage will visit each public house in Hedon and test the ales in that establishment. The official ale tester (I want that job!) will fill their traditional horn with the brew and test it with a gravity float, and possibly have a quick swig, before declaring “The Ale is Good!!” And then much merriment and feasting can follow with ye olde Morris Dancers performing a dance (inside each venue)! And then its off to the next pub….

Fantastic ceremony which the public can follow! This picture comes from the 2004 event and features that year’s Mayor Councillor Irene Robinson. The official ale tester is on the right with the eager Morris Dancers (all ale testers in training!) looking on.

Click to Mix and Solve

Click to mix up the pieces and solve the puzzle on JigZone (your browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc, needs to have Java enabled).
For more puzzles visit the Jigsaw Player.

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