Deer at Saltend/Hull Docks?

Roe deer - a dock deer?

Roe deer - a dock deer?

Whilst travelling on the Hedon to Hull bus one morning in 2004 about 8am, a pair of deer leaped over a fence at Saltend (Hull Docks) and bounded across the main road (A1033) in front of the vehicle. The bus driver jammed on his brakes and traffic behind slowed to a standstill.

The animals, which I suspect were roe deer, seem unperterbed by the traffic as one chased the other to the far side of the road, then back again. They leaped back over the fence and back into the undergrowth.

The bus was fairly full and it caused a buzz of conversation. However, when I told Mrs Duff later that day she assumed I’d fallen asleep and imagined the whole thing! Grrr!

So…does any reader have any further information about wildlife at Hull Docks? Is there still a colony of deer thriving at Saltend? I’d love to know – please leave a comment.

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  1. I currently work on the docks near saltend,There are currently about 2-10 deer on the dock estate and they seem to be thriving on it’s enviroment.
    So yes you will have actually seen the wild deer, If you go to King George dock enterance early in the morning you can sometimes see the deer behind the fence grazing on the lush grass.
    so please rest asure you are not Bonkers!


  2. i live in Hedon, and see up to 5 deer a day, mostly in the morning but often in the late afternoon.
    There are several herds around hedon


  3. i have a business down neat marsh lane in preston and often see the deer early in the morning , apparently they run down to saltend …and there is another herd in paul.. i always believed it was a myth …so your not on your own lol…
    csn you kill and eat them…is the real question lol


  4. @RayDuff Yep.. I use to work at Electro furnace bottom of Hedon Road, we could see several, a heard of them from the Maintenance dept.

    via Twitter @kc1411


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