Big media organisations go ‘hyper-local’ to survive

The Hedon Blog is in good company in its efforts to bring local news/info to local people.

Click for Fort-Greene blog

Click for Fort-Greene blog

The New York Times in efforts to tackle reduced advertising income for its traditional newspaper has launched the first two of what it calls “The Local”.  These are new local blogs which aim to bring news of a more relevant nature to people living in a particular locality. The Fort Greene blogs attempt to bring ‘community journalism to towns and communities that could use it’ according to NY Times Deputy Editor Jonathan Landman.

The blogs cover local news and happenings, the people and homelife in a particular area, children and schools news, out and about sections and a ‘have-your-say’ type feature.

The Local provides news, information, entertainment and informed conversation about the things that matter to you, your neighbors and your family, from bloggers and citizens who live, work and create in your community — as well as journalists from The New York Times. From About the Local

The blogs have a simple, clean design which makes them easy to navigate and read. Each site has a dedicated reporter from the NY Times but takes contributions from bloggers and students.

Is this a sign of the future development of journalism and the newspaper industry? Time will tell – but it is certainly re-assurng to this blogger that perhaps the Hedon Blog is not such s bad idea after all.

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