Hedon Media to the rescue!


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Disaster! This Hedon blogging project nearly ended before it had started! My trusty, Vista, all-singing, all-dancing laptop computer stopped singing and dancing! While conducting a standard Windows Update the machine froze then crashed and refused to re-boot – the Startup Repair facility refused to start, the System Restore refused to restore!

Things looked bleak as I faced a world without my computer and internet access! Then over the hill a bugle sounded and the 7th cavalery raced into view – well, actually I remembered Hedon Media and after 10 minutes walk I dropped the computer off there.

24 hours later my laptop was saved! It came back without the 14 months worth of software (and garbage) I’d acquired, but came back with all the stuff I needed to continue working and with my valuable files and photos intact. And it re-boots in 75 seconds – how good is that!

So thank you Rob and Hedon Media – you are my heroes!

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